White Tiger: Gee, it looks a little precarious. Well ok.

White Tiger: Ok everyone watch out I'm going to throw the balls down now.

White Tiger: FUCK! ARRRRRGH!

Killer Whale: White Tiger, you stand before us because you fell off the roof and have failed to past your given task, and I really wanted to play cricket this summer as well, no balls no cricket I guess. Well I guess we better get onto your punishment. Fuck I really felt like playing cricket. Your punishment is burning by way of Turps. I know it's a bit extreme, but I really like cricket, but I'm sure you will understand...

White Tiger: Yes of course.

Killer Whale: Well I will have the honours of burning you. Now if you would just stand still while we pour the Turps onto you.

White Tiger: Certainly.

Killer Whale: Any last words?

White Tiger: I love my children and wife.

Killer Whale: Touching.

Killer Whale: Ok! Time to burn bitch!


Frog: ....Dear god

Killer Whale: Well that certainly looks fucked up. Well anyway, that's all the time we have for today's show, tune in next week for the latest episode of Survivor!

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