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Diary Entry 9

My goodness! This is so exciting! The only hitch in my meeting with the Elders today was when I needed to ask one of the Elders a question and accidentally called him Mum.

I tried to mumble afterwards to cover up what I had said but it was too late...

Everyone knew.

I also met my team members today that I am to lead!

The first member is named 8-Bit! It became apparent that 8-Bit wasn't overly impressed with me after I tried to take his photo from my camera-phone and he told me not to.

He was even less impressed after I told him that I was only making a phone call right before the camera flashed off in his face...

8-bit!! I'm sure in time he and I will become great friends!

The next member of our crew is called Glide Thunderbolt! Glide was much warmer to me than 8-Bit. Perhaps mainly because he insisted on me taking over 30 pictures of him...

Anyway time to get my sleep! We head off for briefing tomorrow and after that...C522!

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