Hmmm, what to eat? Wouldn't he prefer a fucking healthy breakfast?

Kevin awakes and decides to go and watch some fucking TV

Fuck that off, he'd prefer ice cream. Unfortunately, the It's The Go! cat always pisses Kevin off whenever he has ice cream. So today, Kevin decides it's fucking payback time.

Due to legal threats from the fucking RSPCA, we cannot show the photos of the cat covered in ice cream. However, somehow, some time during the fiasco...

...something went horribly wrong. These photos kinda looks like something you'd see in a porn movie. But just so you know Kevin is not cruel to animals, the cat is licking the ice cream he must fucking like it. A very constructive morning indeed.

Let's see how much the cat really likes ice cream... EVERYWHERE!

On a rainy Sunday morning, Kevin awakes to find that nobody is home. (And usually, there's always someone home.) After turning on the television to find nothing of great interest, he decides to do what most people do when they are bored - eat. As he was feeling a bit fucking crazy and mad, the menu for the morning was...ICE CREAM!

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