Killer Whale: Hello and welcome to today's episode of Survivor! Today's contestants are Lion, Crazy Monkey, White Tiger, Panda and Ugly green monster thing.

Frog: I'm a Frog you asshole.

Killer Whale: Who cares? Your ugly enough to be a monster.

Killer Whale: The first task is for Lion, he must go into the rainforest and find the rare purple flowers. He must bring them back to me within 10 minutes.

Lion: No problem, I kick ass.

Killer Whale: Wow record time! Well done Lion, you truly do kick ass.

Lion: Yeah I know, I really hope that I win. It's like my fucking dream or something.

Killer Whale: Now for the next task! This time it's that ugly green frogs turn to go and fetch some water from the deadly dog bowl, with any luck he will just get killed by the dogs, his honestly that fucking ugly.

Killer Whale:Well unfortunately the ugly frog thing appears to have survived with the water from the dog bowl. Oh well good effort you green piece of shit.

Killer Whale: Time for Panda's task! Panda, you have to go into the deadly ice cave and bring back the rare crystal ice pieces.

Panda: Oh shit, ok.

Panda: Fuck it's cold in here. Hey I found it! Haha I better get back quick before they melt.

Killer Whale: Well done Panda! It's nice that you didn't die in there!

Killer Whale: Well the next task is for Crazy Monkey. Crazy Monkey used to star in the features SMiLiNG FiSH and Dosirac on the popular website It's The Go! Why did you leave the site?

Crazy Monkey: Well quite frankly I felt that Kevin was a fucking idiot. It's really that simple.

Killer Whale: Fair enough, well your task Crazy Monkey is to go into the haunted woods and retrieve the ancient banana. Haha, that's ironic when you think about it, you know how your like a Monkey and...

Crazy Monkey: Yah, very clever that you noticed, dick.

Crazy Monkey: This is easy, ill be back in no time.

Killer Whale: Well done Crazy Monkey, that was so fast.

Crazy Monkey: Haha hey look, it looks like a dick.

Killer Whale: It sure does Crazy Monkey, it sure does. Now we are left with the last contestant and last task. White Tiger, your job is to climb up onto the roof and get all the balls down.

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